Ep 629 | Inflation, Baby Formula, & Gas: Will It Ever Get Better? | Guest: Sen. Marco Rubio

  1. Autymn D.C. says:

    not “guys”, you fag
    You can’t tell between gender and sex and child, baby, and brood. Also man is a species as opposed to wapman.
    There’s no reason as a Abrahamist to oppose abortion—prescribed for adultery in Num 5C; Ps prescribes juvenicide; life was qualified with breath, which starts at birth, so aggravated miscarriage only incurd a fine rather than stoning.
    IndoEuropean languages refer to inanimate objects without genitals by masculine and feminine pronouns, based on roles rather than body parts, and to animate objects by roles of the name too. What do you say about that? Likewise “girl” when coined had included boys, as they were kinds of servants or nonbosses and there were already other inflected gender and sex names.
    You need to get the Christian label off your sites; Americans, fathers/nonvirgins/married, and women can’t be Kristians. Gospels/Rev. only saved 144k Israelite virgins whereas the others (you) got tortured/murdered at endtime 1950 years ago. There weren’t even any women in heaven.

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