Ep 456 | Modest Isn’t Hottest … But Is It Biblical?

  1. Sean says:

    I would encourage you to read Christian Body (ISBN:1983121746) when you have a few hours of free time. It’s a quick read.

    What you’re pushing is Victorian era legalism and isn’t biblical. “Modesty” in the bible in it’s original language had nothing to do with what a person wore. Especially since nudity was a normal everyday thing in public in Jesus’ times and was even commanded to Isaiah. Context is very important. Both the full surrounding scripture a verse is picked from, as well as culturally when the scripture was written. If you compare English translations of the bible pre and post Victorian you can see where the catholic legalism changes how it’s written to create a scapegoat for individual sin. Also to put more clothing on individuals then there actually was to better fit their new rules. God created us in his image and we should be celebrating his creation and not covering it or shaming it. Nor living in fear because a creep might see us. In accurate translations there’s a lot of nudity in the bible and it’s never shamed or condemned. The argument could be easily made that it’s more Christian to celebrate your body and your gift from God. That “modesty culture” is actually Satan trying to shame you and get you to hide what God gave you out of fear. That was after all his message to Adam and Eve in the garden by telling them they’re naked.

    Rachel Stephens also has a great playlist on the matter: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_NBGIln_4kI3_LI3OKNDtQ5E7HJrrSop

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