1. Abigail G. says:

    Thank you! I’m going to a very liberal art school in the fall and am realizing how important it is to have a defense for what I believe, and to know why I believe what I believe. I’m definitely going to be looking into these.

  2. Love you Allie!! My book list is a mile long!!
    Thank you for your resources! I would add the Sheologians podcast by Summer Jaeger as well. Also, Neil Shenvi’s website is 🔥

  3. Samantha D. says:


  4. Marissa says:

    This list is so wonderful to have! I absolutely love Eric Metaxas and his books and was excited to see a shared resource! Keep up all the great work you’re doing!

  5. Gina DaMetz says:

    Love having all of this in one list! What a great resource! Thank you!

  6. Claire Lawrence says:

    The Radical Book for Kids, Exploring the Roots of Christian faith is great. Tim Challies is also a great resource for solid reformed book recs/reviews. (And has some good videos on what not to read!)
    We have also enjoyed Wise Words, Parables from Nature, Adventures in the Big Thicket, and The Lamb.
    For adults, anything by Jerry Bridges
    I think you meant little pilgrims progress

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